On the edge of the world

Written by: Ștefan Aengard

As she stood
on the edge of the world,
Fate whispered in her ear:

”For such beauty, for such grace,
why on earth are you distressed?
Have you not the blue-sky eyes,
the fiery lips and golden locks…
Have you not all one could wish for?”
Fate stares at her one second more
and curiously asks:

“How can something so magnificent,
have it all, yet nothing much?”

“Well, you see, dear destiny” the girl whispered back carelessly
“How can beauty ever bloom
in instances which are only gloom,
in places of love and happiness not,
seasons, passing days, cold or hot,
they all empty my spirit to the point
I’m no longer the beauty and grace you speak of,
But I am the loneliness I relentlessly feared to become.
The one I swore wouldn’t break me down…
But alas, that promise burned in flames
right beside the memories he and I made
the second he decided I was nothing but a game…
So now I stand on the edge of the world,
praying for one more sign of hope to not let go into the abyss,
But hold on for one last kiss”.

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